Tidying Under the Bathroom Sink

Tidying under the bathroom sink is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. I finally managed to get to it and I am pretty please with the results. The before and after pictures pretty much say it all!

How I Tidy Under the Bathroom Sink

It is easy to hide bathroom clutter behind cupboard doors. I was becoming frustrated about trying to find the everyday things. So finally, when I couldn’t stand it any more, I took everything out from under the sink and dumped it on the floor.

Bathroom items all sprawled out on a tile floor.  Items like sun screen, hand lotion, first aid kit, and q-tips.
All of our bathroom clutter out in the open.

So much stuff! It is crazy how things accumulate, especially in dark cupboards. While I was taking stock of what was all over the floor, I noticed some things I forgot we even owned. For example, my husband had two electric razors which had about a quarter of an inch of dust on the cases. He literately has not used these razors in ten years! I also uncovered heat packs for the microwave, a paper bag full of cotton balls, dog shampoo (our dogs both passed away last year) and some unopened glade plugins and refills to go with them.

So, the first thing I did was text my husband to be sure he was ok with me tossing out the razors. He also forgot he owned them and gave me permission to get rid of them. Next went the dog shampoo and all the expired items.

With all the unwanted items gone, the next thing I did was put all the like items together. All the lotions, hand creams and bath items together. The first aid items and heat packs together. And so on.

Putting It All Back Together

After all of our clutter was cleaned out and sorted, it was time to put it back under the sink. I wanted to be sure that I put it back in a way that kept things organized and easy to get to. I started looking around the house for containers I already owned. Wide mouth mason jars, an empty tissue box with the top cut off and a small cardboard box fit the bill nicely. I also bought an under sink mesh sliding drawer set at Bed Bath and Beyond. I had a gift card to use and a coupon so it was only a few dollars. Here is a similar mesh drawer set on Amazon.

I made the small cardboard box more cute by adding some leftover shelving contact paper that I had been saving. The little box came from some medical gauze that we use for my daughter Hannah every day. It is just the right size for small hand lotions or trial sized things. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. And it was free!

I decided that the mason jars would be great for q-tips, cotton balls, Epsom salt, and cough drops. The empty tissue box is a good size for lady products and again this is a free organization solution. I just cut the top of the box off. Then, I put the under sink drawer set all the way to the right side of the cupboard. The last organization piece to go back in was the under sink white shelf that was there before.

The End Result

Under the bathroom sink is all tidyed up.  It looks great and we can find everything we need.
The bathroom sink is now all tidyed up.

Tidying under the bathroom sink did not take as much time as I originally thought it would. Once I had gathered all the organization tools and containers, it was only about twenty minutes total. I think that twenty minutes was time well spent. Especially when I think about all the time I used to waste looking for things I needed.

Now when I go under the bathroom sink to find something, I can see exactly what I need. It will also make shopping for personal items easier because we can see what we have on hand. I am really happy with how this small tidying project turned out. And my husband has not missed his electric razors at all.