Simple Plant Markers

This week we are working on getting all the seed starting done. I thought I would do a quick post on how to make simple plant markers. Where we live we are considered zone 5. It is still freezing cold outside with howling winds, but it is the perfect time to start our seeds inside.

How to make the simple plant markers:

To make these simple plant markers, I gathered a few materials from around the house. These items are: packing tape, a pen, card stock, scissors, and wide craft sticks. After I planted all the seeds from the packets, I simply photocopied the seed packet onto card stock. I printed them using the color setting on my printer. The sketches of the plants on the seed packets are just wonderful and I felt like color was the best choice. I then cut out the picture and the information I wanted to include on the plant marker.

Picture of packing tape, scissors, a craft stick, and card stock.
Materials for making simple plant markers: scissors, tape, craft stick, and card stock.

Next, I wrote the date on the plant marker so I would remember when I started the seeds. Lastly, I used wide packing tape to tape the card stock to the craft sticks.

Photo of card stock plant marker with date planted and  important information.
Simple plant marker with date planted and important information.

I made one plant marker for each six pack of plants I planted. That way if I end up giving away any of the plants later, their new owners will know how to care for them.

We are on our way to having a wonderful kitchen garden. I am hoping that planting a few seeds will also help me to stave off my end of winter blues which I am really feeling right now. Playing even in just a small amount of dirt is therapeutic for me.

New seeds started with the simple plant markers.