Clutter Free Fireplace Mantle

We are learning how to pare down our home decor. One great place to start is the fireplace mantle. After Christmas decorations came down, we decided to keep it simple. Don’t get me wrong the holidays are wonderful but all the decorations can be a bit overwhelming. After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, a nice clean, simple, clutter free fireplace mantle is just what the living room needed for a long winter rest.

Seasonal Nature Based Decor

Having pine cones out on the fireplace might seem like a crazy idea but for us it works. The pine cones I used on the fireplace were actually from the Christmas decorations box. They are the cinnamon pine cones you can buy at craft stores. The cinnamon smell has all dissipated but I thought they would look great on the fireplace for a few reasons.

The pine cones are large and interesting to look at. They have a great texture, and their color matches the rest of the living room decor. Placed in the very center of the fireplace mantle makes them look important although they are quite simple. I used a tall clear vase (that we already owned) to put the smaller pine cones in a left two of the extra large ones out on either side of the vase.

Close up image of a large pine cone with a white background.
This simple pine cone has interesting texture and color.

Additionally, the pine cones add a bit of seasonal nature to the house. I am a person that needs to get outside everyday. Sometimes that can be a challenge here in New Hampshire, especially in the dead of winter. Having small reminders that there is really a world outside the house can help me stay calm. (Cabin fever is real people!)

The last reason I picked the pine cones is that we already owned them! Decorating with stuff you already own is a very thrifty thing to do!

A vase full of large pine cones with two  very large pine cones on either side create a clutter free fireplace vignette.
Our clutter free fireplace decorations.

We are still learning how to decorate more simply and with intention using items we truly love. I’ll be posting more in the future about this. Let me know some of your tips for decorating simply. I’d love to hear your thoughtful comments bellow.

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