Homemade Valentine’s

Today we worked on homemade Valentine’s Day cards for my son’s class. I know it is only February 3, but we always start early. William has 24 kids in his class. That is a pretty big class for our town. And it takes William longer than other kids his age to finish tasks so we break up big jobs into smaller bits. I think the cards turned out pretty cute!

Homemade Valentine's Day card with four hearts on it.
William’s homemade Valentine’s Day cards for his class.

Why make homemade Valentine’s?

We make homemade Valentine’s Day cards for a few reasons. First, we have a ton of craft stuff. Remember my post on New Year’s Day? (Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without). Using up the craft stuff we already have saves us money. Second, we get to spend quality time with our son being creative. And lastly, we can work with William on this fine motor goals.

Using up our some of our craft stash.  Pink and purple card stock, glue, index cards, and a heart hole punch.
Using up some of our craft stash to make homemade Valentine’s cards.

Warning: this part of my post contains lots of bragging. William has been working with an Occupational Therapist on his fine motor skills since he was three years old. He is almost ten. The progress he has made is truly amazing considering when he was just a toddler we were told he would never be able to learn. Well today I think he really proved that doctor wrong. Making Valentine’s today, William used a heart punch, picked up the small hearts off of the table, glued them down and then wrote his name 24 times! Talk about hard work. Very proud mamma here!

Making homemade Valentine’s with William was a fun way to spend part of my Sunday. What does your family do to celebrate Valentine’s Day? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about homemade vs store bought cards. Leave me a thoughtful comment bellow.

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